"To label Jacqui Prydie a ‘kinesiologist’ hardly seems fair - she is far more than that. Jacqui has a gift, an emotional intelligence to see deep into our hearts, bodies and minds and make life feel better. Now, for once, I see clearly what I want, and feel confident on my journey. Not everyone is the same, and that is precisely why Jacqui is so good – she understands our differences, and reflects those in her methods. Jacqui provided me with a safe haven, helped me help myself, and for that I am truly grateful. I cannot thank you enough."

LK, Sydney

“Dear Jacqui

Oh where do I start,
Thank you for changing my life. For setting me free. For ridding me of the anxiety that had taken over my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You are a shining light in this world with such an incredible gift of healing others. I have been telling everyone who will listen about you and how you have helped change my life. I know this sounds over the top but you have saved me.

I am sending you a virtual hug & my arms are around you!! You are an Angel… Thank you with all my golden heart.”

Love, Flur, Australia

“She is just amazing!!!! Jacqui has a special gift of releasing and healing energy. I have never met someone who is so intuitive and gentle and understanding.

I didn’t know how to break negative energy, or attachments, or cycles – Jacqui has done this. I remember having a session with her and she release something bad really bad and I dreamt about it that night – and I freaked out thinking wow that was scary that was on me since I was 15. She released the fear and anxiety within me – I was having panic attacks almost every day.
When you watch documentaries like the secret, power of the heart and heal – she is like one of those healers. She has access to an incredible power that can get rid of bad stuff and transition you to acceptance, love and manifestation.
If you feel like your out of control, or stuck or just in a dark place she will help you. When you think how – somehow things just happen around you, solutions just turn up in your life.

I am filled with gratitude that I have been guided to her – she is the grace in my life.

With lots of love and blessings, I wish you the best on your journey.”

Nikki, Canberra

“Beautiful Jacqui what can I say, you have a rare gift, the ability to embrace and help people on their journey. I came to you when I had some major dramas in my life and through the sessions, I saw that all I was doing was adding fuel to the fire.
Jacqui makes you feel absolutely comfortable and at ease, she has the unique ability to help you as the individual open up your heart and be aware of the mind body connection, after many years of training, and developing her own process, not one of my sessions with Jacqui was the same.
What I love about Jacqui, is how professional, kind, full of empathy and keen to get the most out of the time spent with her.
I am amazed how quickly I resolved major issues by removing my attachment to them and re: framing my thought processes.
Jacqui has a gift to facilitate transformation and each client blossoms at their own pace.
I will always keep in touch with Jacqui.”

Love Alex xx

“Hi Jacqui,
A slightly belated thank you following the most amazing 10 sessions with you.... things have been moving forward at the speed of light since I last saw you.

Following my interview in Melbourne for the architectural recruiting position I felt amazing and so positive about it all..
I was actually offered and have accepted the position and am now moving to Melbourne this month!!!

It seems almost unbelievable that this is all happening and in such a short space of time.

I can't thank you enough for all your support, positivity and incredible energy that has resulted in a profound shift in my life.. I feel like it's almost the beginning of a new life, an independent, self-sufficient and working towards balanced and healthy life...

I look forward to keeping in touch and no doubt when I'm up in Sydney and I know there's a time that would be of benefit for me to come in for a session, I know where you are :)

I hope everything is fantastic with you. You are an incredible spirit and I sincerely wish all wonderful things in your life.

Love & light and the biggest, warmest smiles xox”

Jo, Melbourne

“If you are fighting an addiction then you need to read our story below and then book into see Jacqui.
My husband and I battled a severe Drug addiction that lasted a 10 year period. We had an average spend $600 per week during this time. Every month the addiction grew stronger and so did the hole in our bank account. In one month towards the end of our addiction we spent $27k on drugs. By then, we were indulging nearly every night of the week.

We thought we were in control of our life, but in fact it was in control of us. Our business was near bankrupt and we pulled away from our friends and family. We started having health concerns, anxiety and life kept taking many wrong turns. We were getting older and we feared having children &/or responsibility. We were completely out of touch of reality and we couldn’t break the addictive cycle. I went on the search for someone or something to help us because our world was falling apart.

We then met Jacqui Prydie and it has been a life changing experience for us both!! We started with a few sessions upfront and progressed to ongoing tune up sessions. Our drug activities reduced from most days down to once a week and then once a month. When we did partake, we questioned our actions and we were very conscious of our bad behaviour. We also had some weird experiences, during the few times we weakened and purchased drugs, Jacqui would send an email that exact evening, checking in on us. In her email she asked us for our full commitment so that we didn’t waste each other’s time. We couldn’t explain the coincidences and I still can’t explain her gift, her power or ability. It was like having our very own guardian angel in the darkest of periods and we will be forever grateful.

We have been without drugs or alcohol for near 18 months. We now have a family on the way, and our business that was near bankrupt is now thriving and generating a very successful life for us.

I have recommended many family and friends to see Jacqui since our experience and it has been life changing for all. We are forever grateful to Jacqui for saving us. I get overwhelmed with the gratitude I have for Jacqui and I cannot express it, with the depth I feel.

Thank you Jacqui we are and always will be your biggest fans… ”

CC, Sydney

"I first visited Jacqui a year ago when I experienced a personal crisis and had to take a break from work as a result of the overwhelming trauma I was experiencing.

Since that time, I have seen Jacqui on a regular basis and its no exaggeration to say that my life has completely turned around!

All of my fears, insecurities and self limiting beliefs have melted away piece by piece, and as a result I am now living a life that fulfils me on every level.

I feel grounded, calm, at peace and at ease with every part of myself and my life now reflects this both at work and and in my home and personal life, it's been an amazing transformation.

The greatest compliment has been the friends who have said that I seem different, and more together, and all of the negativity in my life has disappeared, to be replaced with gratitude, love and a genuine happiness and lust for life.

I would recommend anyone to take the leap, visit Jacqui, face all of the demons that are hiding in your subconscious and live the best life you possibly can. We've only got one shot at it!!

Thanks is not enough Jacqui, I feel very blessed to have met you :)"

Catherine, North Sydney

"I first heard of Jacqui through a friend and felt it was fortuitous timing as I’d been in a negative space for a year or so and I was getting to a point where I felt I needed some professional help to get out of this space. Booking that appointment was the best decision I’d made in a very, very long time and I only wish that I had met her 10years earlier - better late than never though, right!?! It took a couple of sessions before I started to feel lighter and more positive about life and that positivity only continued to expand with each session thereafter. It was no coincidence that after 5 or so years of being single I've attracted a wonderful man into my life and, generally speaking, I have a brighter outlook and deal with situations with so much more clarity. We all have things to improve on and let go of, so for those who wish to create a more positive future, not only for themselves but for those near to them, and have more inner harmony, then I strongly recommend booking a session with Jacqui."

Heidi, Sydney

"I cannot recommend Jacqui Prydie enough. After receiving healings from Jacqui, my personal life has blossomed and my business has grown. Jacqui has enabled me to transform and to find my path in life. What Jacqui does is unique and that is why she has such a following."

Nicole, North Sydney

"Being a cancer patient for the last nine years, I was keen to adopt a more holistic approach to my health.

Jacqui was amazing. She was able to quickly and intuitively access my subconscious, and with tapping, help me release the limiting beliefs and fears which were blocking my healing. After each session, my energy levels improved and I felt a sense of calmness and wellbeing.

Having previously been a sceptic of kinesiology, I am definitely now a convert. Meeting and working with Jacqui has been an absolute blessing, as she is not only a true expert in her field of kinesiology and NLP but also an extremely empathetic and caring soul. I definitely look forward to continuing my sessions with her."

Karlene, Sydney

"I don’t think words can describe how grateful and thankful I am for meeting Jacqui, she has dramatically helped alter my life for the better.

I had been battling chronic sinusitis for a year, trying ENT specialists, doctors, naturopaths, acupuncture, reiki, homeopathy and nothing could clear it up for good. I was getting to desperation stage. I had heard of Kinesiology and was intrigued by it but because I didn’t know that much about it I discounted it. Luckily I received a voucher for Jacqui’s practice and decided to give it a go – what a stroke of luck that was!

Not only has Jacqui helped clear up my sinusitis but she has also helped me resolve issues from my past that were holding me back. I’ve been to see Jacqui four times over the space of a few months the results have been dramatic. I’ve never understood how people can get so excited and optimistic about life until now. And the change in my outlook has altered how people treat me. I’m attracting so many new things – a promotion at work, new friends, happiness and laughter.

Thank you so much Jacqui, thanks for helping me heal and pointing me in the right direction."

Amy, Sydney

"I had the pleasure of experiencing kinesiology for the first time with Jacqui Prydie. A few days prior to session, via email, I was asked to give a brief detail of what blockages I felt I had to be dealt with, which I did. Jacqui utilised my background information with a great deal of enthusiasm and was able to point out to me exactly where the unbalance lies in my body.

I am a great believer of the mind-body connection and how our brains have learnt to filter or fade out whilst functioning in a very physical world. At some point in my life I stopped listening carefully to my body, but Jacqui was able to get to the route of my blockage and intuit the issues I have. Her gentle bedside manner and communicative method make the experience extremely comfortable and finding out what issues are lying in my subconscious was extraordinary and will continue to be useful to me in future introspection."

D. Brookes, Sydney

"Thank you so much Jacqui.... You have helped me find my inner strength again...... Am unbelievably thankful. You have opened my eyes, my heart and my mind to my potential!"

Kelly, Sydney

"Morning Jacqui,

I just felt to contact you to say thank you for all of the incredible work you have been doing with me over the past few months.

I have felt a really dramatic shift in myself since our last 2 sessions. All of this old low self worth stuff seems to be clearing. It is like I can see my own value and worth now for the first time ever and I feel so deserving of really big and beautiful things. I don't just 'know' it, but I can actually 'feel' it now.

I just felt to let you know what a huge impact your work is having on me and my life. So thank you :)

Have a beautiful day"

Connie x

"I was a sceptic right up until the moment I met Jacqui, but figured that I had nothing to lose and if it didn’t work, then at least I could say I tried.

Well..I am a massive convert and not sceptical in the slightest any more. Jacqui just makes everything work for you..problems are resolved, relationships repaired, career issues sorted out and life restored to a positive equilibrium. It is remarkable how it works and things are just resolved…it really works. Give it a go and you will not be disappointed. Life will be infinitely better after you see Jacqui”

Nick, Sydney

"Dear Jacqui

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my gratitude to you for being there for me last Monday ...for me it was like a miracle that you appeared in my life .... I do believe that angels sometimes appear in human form !!!

I am feeling a whole lot better thanks on all levels ...the sun is shining once again!!!

I will call soon for another appointment. You are a brilliantly skilled therapist and I feel most fortunate to have met you.


U, Sydney

"Dear Jacqui

Your sessions work!! I'm Pregnant!"

A.C, Sydney

"Dear Beautiful, incredible Jacqui Prydie!

I want to thank you for the most incredible work that we did together and the gifts and healing you brought me. I was in a horrific place when I met you, I was a strong spirit in a very drained and weary condition. Coming to you was at the time one of the only things that filled my weeks. I will never forget your energy, intention, your eyes and the way you made me feel inspired even within the first appointment when I still had very little hope for the future of my life beyond just survival. Now I am thriving and beginning to live in a way I AlWAYS dreamt of but never realised to be possible. Thank you for your knowledge, generosity, kindness and strength. You are a great inspiration to my future career in healing and in life."

E, Sydney

"Dear Jacqui

Thank you so much for all your help over the last three sessions, it has been really exciting. I really appreciate your depth of knowledge and your whole-hearted enthusiasm to help clear blockages and regain balance, I've looked forward to every session! I look forward to seeing you again, as you said, when the time is right :)

Thanks again and best wishes."

Tasneem Roc, Sydney

"Jacqui has a unique ability to find and solve the body's niggling worries. Problems I did not consciously know existed were brought to my attention and promptly ironed out through the use of Kinesiology. The emotions and relief expressed personally, helped to clear my head, heart and body enabling me to float out of the door with a revived, positive attitude to life. I cannot recommend Jacqui's Kinesiology enough. Give it a try - she communicates with your body better than you do!"

V Burgess, Sydney

"Thank you Jacqui, a new start in life, feeling empowered and started my new job today. Thanks for all your support and good work."

Janice, Sydney

"I would like to say thank you for your help. Since the first session that we had I am feeling better, the anxiety is almost disappeared! I can't wait to see you for the other sessions."

Georgia, Sydney

"I recently had a "distant Emotional Intuitive session" with Jacqui. The information was very helpful and covered major blockages around relationships, work and past emotional issues. I highly recommend this session as a convenient way of realignment on an emotional/mental/physical level from the comfort of your home. Great report and feeling the shift already!"

Deena, Queensland

"Jacqui Prydie is a highly professional kinesiologist who works empathetically with all her clients to deliver a holistic approach to wellbeing. She treats each person with integrity and great care. Jacqui combines many different modalities in her practice to give her clients the best results effectively and efficiently. As an intuitive healer, she calmly leads each person to a state of wellness that continues to stay with them long after the session has been completed."

S Lee, Sydney

"Working with Jacqui has helped me through a time of much change and personal growth. As well as alleviating symptoms of bloating, nausea and tension, my mind is now calmer and my confidence has greatly increased.

Jacqui puts me [the client] in charge of each session, tapping into the subconscious as well as working on conscious issues, to shift energy and bring about positive changes very quickly.

She is compassionate and supportive, with a wealth of knowledge. I will continue to recommend Jacqui as a professional Kinesiologist and NLP Practitioner."

A Massey, Sydney

“I’ve lost 7 kilos in 3 weeks and have a date on Thursday night. Thank you so much for allowing me to see my potential.”

Annette, Sydney

“Just wanted you to know that I have passed my exams, and I would like to thank you ! I will rebook with you again soon, Tremendous help! Thanks.”

F, Sydney

“I am very thankful to you. I feel really good - the soreness in my chest (emotional pain) is totally gone (had it for years!). I have no side effects from the session except feeling happy and appreciative as a whole. Things that usually make me sad - now no reaction! Thank you sooo much!!!”

R, North Sydney

“It is with great pleasure that I am able to recommend Jacqui Prydie as an outstanding Kinesiologist and Natural Therapist. I started having Kinesiology sessions with Jacqui Prydie in January . What a difference those sessions have made to my life. Initially I consulted Jacqui as I was on the verge of starting a new business enterprise and I felt that I lacked the necessary confidence to make my dreams a reality. I have had six sessions overall with Jacqui. As I was to learn, Kinesiology taps into your own innate intelligence and healing abilities. During the sessions, I was able to access and eliminate the various obstacles and blockages that were holding me back from realising and living my true potential. Examples of these blockages were in relation to fears,outdated beliefs, emotions and unconscious patterns of behaviour that were negatively affecting my life. I found these were all very relevant to this stage of my life and needed to be cleared in order for me to move forward.

Thanks to Jacqui's Kinesiology sessions, I find that I am in a better place and now have the necessary confidence and skills to make my dreams not only a reality but a success. I plan to have my own business up and running by end of the year. I feel that I have been extremely fortunate to have been able to have these sessions with Jacqui. She is not only very professional but also an amazingly inspirational individual. I felt that Jacqui was with me every step of the way, even when I had what seemed to be, major setbacks: Jacqui was quickly able to draw my attention to the opportunities that I had missed or that my mind was not yet in a state to recognise.

I feel that my business will be exceptionally successful and I sincerely thank Jacqui Prydie for her wonderful Kinesiology and NLP sessions. I feel like a different person to the one that walked through the doors of Kinesiology Health Practice some months ago. My outlook is full of optimism, confidence and excitement now. Not only do I feel in a position to create a successful business for myself but more importantly, I have gained the knowledge to create a successful and fulfilling life... the life that I've always dreamed about is now my reality...”

Belinda, Central Coast NSW Sydney

“I am sending you such sincere and heartfelt thanks to you for extending to me such kindness and caring during my Kinesiology session today. I am so happy with the physical, mental and emotional benefits that I have received. I am so grateful for your extensive energy and healing knowledge and for your genuine compassion which has helped me to achieve these benefits.The benefits of the Kinesiology session and NES Infoceuticals are profoundly effective for me. I am unable to find the words to describe the deep and inner feeling of peace, balance and wellbeing that I now experience.

I feel that the words 'thank you Jacqui’ do not adequately convey my heartfelt gratitude... Thank you so very much Jacqui and I look forward to our next session.”

Janelle, Sydney

“I am thanking the universe for meeting you!!! I am so grateful for your support, encouragement and kindness. We cleared some great stuff last session. Thank you! I will see you again soon for my next tune up.

Best Wishes”

Lisa, Drummoyne

“I definitely feel much better since our last session, thanks for our time, your energy and your compassion.”

Marj, Sydney

“Thank you for so many things, where do I start? My renewed zest for life? Or my passion? Or possibly all the wonderful opportunities that have appeared in my life after our 3 sessions. I feel liberated and free to start being my best potential now and living the life I've always wanted. Clearing emotional blockages and self limiting beliefs have made such a difference in my life. The future projection was pretty close to the mark... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!”

Alison B, Eastern Suburbs, Sydney

“I loved the sessions and was excited about coming to each session. I was glad to clear all the emotional baggage that I had been carrying around for years (but unaware of). I feel positive about life again and the shift on my outlook and how I feel about myself is remarkable. Everyone has commented on my positive attitude to life.”

Jasmin, Sydney

“Thanks Jacqui, great session as always! My business has picked up and life is looking good again.”

Tim, North Sydney

“After 3 sessions, I feel that the confusion around my career choice, relationship and life path has cleared. I appreciate the insights, awareness and rebalancing. See you again in the near future for another tune up. Wish I did this years ago!”

John, Eastern Suburbs, Sydney

“I had a very powerful experience of forgiveness in a past relationship. Whilst being guided through, I had a very strong physical and emotional release. This was my first experience with forensic healing and I am very pleased. I will be returning to Jacqui again in the near future.”

Nerelle, Sydney

“Thank you Jacqui, my despair, unhappiness and depression has lifted and I now experience a greater joy and happiness as a result of our sessions... Bless you.”

Avril, Sydney

“Thank you for an amazing session. You are extremely talented and I am pleased that your intention is to help people.”

M, Sydney

“You are so amazing Jacqui, and you've really changed my life. Thank you again!”


“I have experienced a monthly tune up with Jacqui for the past 4 months. The transformation in my mental/emotional and physical well being is quite incredible. I have changed my career path to a more rewarding and fulfilling one which I enjoy. My relationships with family and partner is enriched and I have lost 12 kilos in weight. Overall, one very happy and satisfied client.”

Alana, Hurstville

“I just wanted to say thanks so much for the consultation. I feel 100% better and am so grateful to have my energy back!”

Julie, Sydney

Other feedback

"An excellent and very thorough health check. Well worth it."

"I wanted to thank  you so much again, I am super calm, feel more like myself than I have in years!!"

"Great Practitioner. Great value."

"Jacqui was amazing. Very intuitive session. Definitely recommend her!"

"Happy with the treatment and happy to recommend Jacqui Prydie to friends."

"Very positive experience!"

"I found my kinesiology session beneficial and have made further appointments. Thanks!"

"Knowledgeable practitioner, booked in for three more sessions afterwards."

"That was amazing, things started to change quite impressively 2 days after my session. Will definitely return for further tune ups."

"I feel a lot lighter since our session,  feel like I can see things more clearly without the weight on me. I'm more grateful than I can say."

"Since our last appointment things have been fabulous. Career related things we discussed in the last session are going great guns. I'm finally tapping into my potential, having confidence and trusting that things will happen at the right time (and they are!)"

"Thanks again for an amazing session. You're truly gifted and skilful."

"During your sessions, I can just go in relax and the underlying issue is cleansed without any question asked. I can feel comfortable and have my quietness and privacy. Also, I find that your treatment is more effective than the other healer's treatment. More things are identified and cleansed within an hour."

"Ten years younger and feeling great! "

"Thank you so much for the sessions, thank you for your skills and for being you!"

"Feeling much clearer in my mind today. Lots of clarity. Great treatment as always!"