Our pricing

It is advised that clients receive a series of balances to see a beneficial change. Six (6) sessions are highly recommended. Although some clients see improvement after one session. However, the number of balances required will depend on the individual person and the issues we are working on. Some clients prefer to get a monthly "tune up" and cover different areas of their life focusing on either their physical, mental or emotional health. We can also work on new goals, new directions in your life in relation to career, relationships, self improvement and self-awareness. If you are committed to real change in your life - consider a series of 6 to 12 sessions for Transformational re-alignment on all levels. In a nutshell, it's all about realising and living your best potential now. You will enjoy all the benefits and happiness that result from being in alignment with your true purpose in life. Why settle for any thing less?

All sessions are non intrusive and totally pain free. During a session, clients remain fully clothed. No preparation for sessions.

Sessions include clearing and balancing Meridians, Chakras, self-limiting belief patterns, past emotional blockages, self sabotaging, future projection using Neuro Linguistic Programming, Age Regression and energetic healing, (Reiki, Pranic, Reconnective). This is both Transformational work and Powerful Self Healing, please read the Testimonials page.

Skype sessions

Jacqui Prydie is available to meet with clients in her Edgecliff, Sydney office, or via Skype for video and telephone sessions. Depending on your particular needs and location, you may find that a combination of these formats is best for you. Emotional Intuitive/ Spiritual Healing Sessions by Skype can be a wonderful adjunct to in-office visits for busy professionals or for individuals who live too far from Jacqui’s Sydney office. Jacqui enjoys working with clients who live full and busy lives. She understands that sometimes sessions via Skype may be a practical alternative to in-office visits.

Online sessions is a convenient way to access help and studies show is equally effective as face-to-face therapy.

Clients who do well with coaching or therapy by Skype tend to be:

  • Very busy and highly motivated individuals. Sessions by Skype enables clients to save time commuting to and from Jacqui’s office
  • Forward-thinking: Therapy by Skype and coaching by Skype are growing in popularity
  • Skype makes specialized therapy/coaching available right in your living room
  • Many people with busy schedules or who suffer from shyness find video sessions and coaching by Skype has made it possible for them to get support at the time and place that is most convenient
  • Your life is uninterrupted meaning that busy individuals can access high-quality service in a flexible way
  • Individuals can access help from their preferred location
  • Child care can be made easier by eliminating travel time and paying for childcare
  • International access - ideal for travellers and those working or living abroad
  • Easy access to therapy for people with certain disabilities
  • Skype sessions are conducted in the same way that office-based sessions are conducted. Communication by Skype is encrypted and decrypted automatically, and therefore all of your communications with Jacqui via Skype will be confidential
  • If engaging in a Skype therapy session, Jacqui recommends that you try to create a private space free from distractions. It is recommended also to use a headset for increased privacy
  • The sessions can run to as few, or as many, as you require. You can always cancel an appointment or request another. Consultations are confidential, and you can freely talk about any issue
  • Consultations over Skype are pre-paid. Jacqui accepts PayPal, which accepts major credit cards. You can click on the PayPal button to make a payment on my website.

If you don’t already have Skype, click here to download it.

If you would like video therapy or coaching by Skype, please contact Jacqui to find out more about scheduling a session.

How an online session works

Complete an online booking or contact us to make sure we can help, and book a 60-minute session, see Contact for telephone numbers.

  • Pay for the session using PayPal
  • Contact Jacqui Prydie and submit your Skype name with details of your booking (name, date, time) and Jacqui will call you at the designated time.

Pay securely with PayPal

Payment for Consultations can be made securely using PayPal, please visit the Store section to complete you payment.

Schedule of fees

Consultation 60 minutes - via Skype

Including Profiling, Age Regression with the purpose of clearing self-limiting beliefs, sabotages, emotional blockages & survival programs. These are thoughts or behaviours that undermine your healing or success in reaching your goals. They often reflect circular logic or self-fulfilling prophecies confirming your self-defeat. The aim is to identify those unconscious beliefs and release them, change your thought processes, and replace the negative beliefs with positive beliefs. Meridians, Chakra balancing and energetic healing, using either Reconnective, Spontaneous Healing and/or Reiki. Neuro Linguistic Techniques used for positive change.

Consultation 30 minutes – via Skype

30 minute Skype session to help to identify the following:

  • Archetype: Positive or Negative Roles that you are currently playing in your life
  • Negative Belief Systems
  • Negative Patterns
  • Negative Programming
  • Sabotage programmes
  • Age trauma creating blockages x 2 ages identified and cleared
  • Areas of your life out of alignment
  • Spiritual guidance as needed

This reading is to identify key areas of your life that are blocking your full potential.

Consultation 15 minutes - via Skype

Use to quickly reduce an anxious state, recalibration before a job interview/meeting or feeling low on energy. These quick emergency sessions can be a quick fix but don't replace a proper 60 min session.

All sessions must be pre-booked via email/txt with 5 hours notice.

The Prydie Transformation Method can include the following

Relationship Success - includes work, personal, love relationships, family, relationship with self & others, aura projection towards others.

Personal Empowerment - includes self confidence, self esteem, personal power, Self Worth, self respect, Trust and integrity, connection, security, assertiveness.

Work/Career Success - includes self esteem/self-confidence/self-worth/public speaking, communication skills, personal development and awareness, aura projection to others.

Business Success - includes clearing self-sabotaging/negative programming/ increase clarity, decision making skills, creativity & abundance, aura projection towards clients.

Financial Success - includes clearing self -sabotaging/negative programming around abundance/self-limiting beliefs/blockages around financial success.

Weight reduction - includes clearing self-sabotaging, negative programming, self esteem, discipline, procrastination, physical, mental, emotional re-alignment, goal success.

Physical Health (health issues) - identifying triggers, secondary gains, age regression, subconscious blockage release, emotional/mental/physical/spiritual re-alignment - Self Healing. Please note: I do not cure, prescribe or diagnose.

Life Path Success - clearing and re-alignment to your specific life-path.

Trauma (past or present) - clearing negative programming, negative imprints, stress and anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, physical, mental, emotional abuse, re-alignment to positive.

Depression/Stress/Anxiety - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual re-alignments with age regression to clear past blockages.

Spiritual/personal awareness and connection - chakra clearing/re-alignments, Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Awareness/Transformation.

Session packages are for general sweeps that cover a majority of levels working within your subconscious database - typically based on your age. Age regression is used to clear blockages from various ages primary, teenage years, twenties, thirties etc. Profiling is included with all sweeps.

Spiritual/Kinesiology Healing sessions can also be done via Skype consultations: bookings essential.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers make excellent gifts for your loved ones, parents, siblings, friends and even colleagues. If you need help for the perfect gift why not consider buying a ‘Kinesiology Gift Voucher’? They are a wonderful gift for that special friend/relative or work colleague who needs to feel great about themselves again. Give them a gift that they will remember forever!

** Please indicate the name and session type required for the Gift voucher. Also, indicate if you wish the gift voucher to be posted out to recipient.

Payment: PayPal or you can call for credit card payments over the phone - mobile 0439 341 133.

Buy gift voucher securely using PayPal

Sessions for corporate/companies and small business

Transformational sessions with employees for best performance/stress and anxiety reduction. Your greatest asset in your business is your staff. Motivation and inspirational sessions to clear blockages/self sabotaging around work performance. 6 sessions is advised. Sessions can be done at clinic or at your business location, contact Jacqui Prydie for more details.

Health and Spa retreats attendance

Consultancy and in house guest sessions - available with 6 weeks notice (International Health Retreats), contact Jacqui Prydie for more details.

Refer a Friend

The best compliment you can give us is to refer your family and friends! Please make sure they mention your name when making an appointment.

Clinic hours

Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm
Saturday 8am - 2.30pm
Sunday 9am - 2.30pm

Patients that do not attend an appointment without providing 24 hours’ notice of cancellation will be charged a standard consultation fee. Further appointments will not be able to be made until this fee is paid.

Note: I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe medications. You should always continue to see and follow the advice of your medical doctor.

For more information contact Jacqui Prydie.