Intensive Transformational Day

Intensive Transformational Day

VIP Accelerated One Day of Transforming and Healing on all levels – “Intensive Transformational Day” by Jacqui Prydie

This Personalised VIP day of Healing and Transformational work is personalised for you and your unique needs. One on One Session.

This will include the following:

A Personalised Profile identifying your deep subconscious blockages on all levels.

  • Levels: to be assessed 12 plus
  • Emotional/Physical/Mental/Spiritual/Relationships/Family/Career
  • Finance/Business/Work/Career/Life Path/Life Contribution/Abundance and Manifesting
  • Also incorporating major transformations for anyone encountering life changes through illness, divorce, Emotional Trauma, career changes, new life direction, business
  • You can focus on a few key areas or have a general recalibration of most levels
  • Inner child work – clearing blockages from childhood
  • NLP Techniques for clearing blockages/negative Patterns/programs/sabotaging
  • Forensic Healing
  • Psychotherapy
  • Clearing Negative Energies
  • Identification of significant ages that are holding you back - clearing these blockages
  • Identifying key negative programs/negative belief systems/negative patterns - self-sabotaging
  • MP3 Transformational Recordings for home use
  • Spiritual Guidance as needed
  • Healing gift for personal use - Spiritual Healing Tools

This Personalised VIP Transformational Healing Day is for people that are intent on experiencing Positive Change in their life as soon as possible in an efficient, safe, holistic manner.

Commencing at 8am until 4pm = This is conducted online in the comfort of your home. This can also be done over 2 half days.

All VIP Transformational Intensives to be pre-booked in advance to avoid disappointment.
Claimable as a Tax deduction for Corporate/Businesses.

Ideally this intensive session is for Clients that are

  • Corporate career success
  • Business & finance abundance
  • Starting a new business
  • Going through or at the end of a major transition in their life
  • Recalibration for health & wellbeing
  • Looking for life direction/life path, relationships
  • Clients wanting rapid change/ short on time and prefer the more intensive work rather than prolonging their transformation/healing over 6 weeks of 6 hourly sessions
  • Ideal for international travellers, Interstate or clients that are unable to commit to 6 weeks of sessions

Note: We don’t treat, diagnose or prescribe. We work with the Energy Model not the Medical Model. We help to support the body to be in a better position to deal with stress issues on a physically, emotional, bio-chemical and spiritual level. Always follow the advice of your Medical practitioner.