Egyptian Healing Rods – Trinity (Female)

Egyptian Healing Rods – Trinity (Female)

The Egyptian Healing Rods Trinity can be called as Rods-Balance. They give the balance of Yin-Yang after 9-12 minutes of use!

In the centre of the brain there is an area called “The Cave of Bramha” (known also as the heart of the brain) by Sanskrit texts, which refer to this area as the seat of resonance with the SOURCE Ocean of cosmic vibrations.
Close to this area is manufactured the cerebro-spinal fluid in which floats the whole brain and spinal nerves.
The chemical pH of this fluid determines the resonance.

Trinity Rods has the ability to balance the pH of that fluid. This brings forth a feeling of greater well being and grounding.

The Trinity Rods releases and erases the negative memory programming stored in the cells of the body as uncompleted emotional trauma.
It aids in bringing that trauma painlessly into forefront for healing. dissolving all previous Trauma.

IMPORTANT: Once purchased and delivered, Tuning Forks and Healing Rods cannot be refunded or exchanged.