Crystal Resonator Fork

Crystal Resonator

This is a very special aluminium tuning fork. It is cut to a sub harmonic of the actual frequency of quartz crystal. While quartz crystals are effected by all sound, they are particularly aligned with the energies of the Crystal Resonator.

People who work with crystals have found that the Crystal Resonator is extremely effectively for charging and clearing quartz crystals.

People who do not work with crystals but do work with subtle energy have found the Crystal Resonator to be useful for clearing and balancing of their own energies. Some claim it energize crystals in the brain. Others say that it activates aspects of the auric field. We know of one well known spiritual teacher who took this tuning fork into the King’s Chamber (which is composed of marble and quite resonate to this frequency) and used it to help initiate students.

To use the Crystal Resonator with a quartz crystal–simply strike it on a hard surface (such as a piece of wood) and then bring the tuning fork close to a quartz crystal. Move it around the crystal. Visualize that you are bathing the crystal in a bath of sacred sound. This will both clear and energize the crystal. Try it and feel the difference.

To use the Crystal Resonator on yourself, or a friend–simply strike the tuning fork on a hard surface (such as a piece of wood) and then bring the tuning fork near yourself or the person you are tuning. Use it as you would a smudge stick, or some other vehicle for clearing and balance.

IMPORTANT: Once purchased and delivered, Tuning Forks and Healing Rods cannot be refunded or exchanged.