Data Analysis For Aura and Chakra Readings – What’s Your Colour?

AuraCloud System – Aura & Chakra Scan

AuraCloudIES AuraCloud allows you to discover, heal and envision the health and energetic states of health through dynamic and interactive multimedia biofeedback aura imaging technology. The technology uses a biosensor to measure your live electro-dermal activity and the temperature of your skin to create biofeedback data. The data is then digitised, analysed, and correlated to a specific emotional- energy state that is displayed as a vibrant live and colourful Aura Image.

This unique image creates a personal representation of your bio-energetic state and portrays your emotional energy, personality type and overall health wellness. The AuraCloud depicts your need for physical and emotional assistance. The AuraCloud then provides you with solutions for additional health, wellness services, as well as remedies to enhance your services and practice.

This cutting-edge technology has a beautiful design and produces stunning 3D graphics, which work in harmony to visualise human energy. It consists of three components: the peripheral hardware devices (computer and laptop), the console and the computer applications and programs.
Using the system and the peripheral devices, I put the information from your reading into the console. This, in turn, transfers the data to the applications, where it can be read and analysed in a variety of ways.

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Pricing for AuraCloud, AuraGraph, AuraPhoto Plus Entire Report (Full Chakra Personality Analysis &Report): $185 including GST

System Applications

There are six different applications that are used to view and analyse the data from your reading:

  1. AuraSim: This application shows a 3D model of the aura system and represents a new way to display your aura from every angle. You can watch the beautiful aura spin along its axis or stop the image at any angle to analyse more deeply
  2. AuraVid: The AuraVid application provides a visual analysis of the client through the Logitech Web Camera. It shows a client’s aura and headshot together in real time
  3. AuraScript: This application provides a textual description of the different aura components. Each component is displayed in the associated colour based on the current session
  4. AuraGraph: To get a detailed graphing analysis of your bio-energetic data, I use the AuraGraph application. This is a powerful and useful tool, as it shows exactly what is happening with you in detail.

The AuraCloud system is an integrated system designed to provide clients with accurate and personalised readings. It measures not only aura health and colour, but also Chakra strength, emotion and energy levels.


  1. This device and software program does not diagnose physical problems or sickness in any form. Please contact your physician, or therapist for medical consultation or treatment
  2. The IES AuraCloud program is meant as a self-help and monitoring tool. It allows you to discover, heal and envision the health and energetic states of yourself through dynamic and interactive multimedia biofeedback aura imaging technology
  3. This technology uses a biosensor to measure client’s live electro-dermal activity and skin temperature to create biofeedback data. The data is then digitised, analysed and correlated to a specific emotional energy state that is displayed as a vibrant live and colourful aura image.

More about AuraCloud – Energy Technology

Having a visual reference of the body’s metaphysical state can greatly enhance the healing experience and efficiency of treatments. Our aura imaging systems are biofeedback devices that render an individual’s aura from precise human-energy readings.  This is an extremely beneficial tool for visually validating aura and chakra changes to those who are unable to see energy channels. Using dynamic and real-time software programs, Inneractive aura machines offer exclusive insight to aura-chakra health and strength.

How Does Aura Machine Work?

  1. Biofeedback Reading – A biosensor measures skin temperature and electro-dermal activity (electrical energy) as biofeedback data. Just touch your hand on the sensor!
  2. Displays on Screen – Inneractive’s software displays data as 3D full-body aura images, detailed graphs and charts. You can even capture an aura snapshot photo.
  3. Data Translated – Each aura image is a personal representation of the individual’s bio-energetic field and unique life-data. It portrays their emotional energy, personality type, and overall wellness statistics.

What is Biofeedback?

Every individual has a sensitive network of electrical channels moving along the surface of the body. Biofeedback is the resulting information from collecting a person’s electrical activity which is then used to create a unique profile analysis. This data allows the user to understand the workings of the body, as well as the psycho-physiological involvement in overall well-being.

The body’s internal communications through synaptic nerve connections determine and influence mental and physical states. Now, the science of biofeedback will not only aid in the understanding of physical bodies, but can be used to achieve an overall state of balance.

Innovations with Biofeedback

Although not a new technique for assessing a person’s mental and emotional state, its application to digital technology is ground-breaking for the wellness industry. Inneractive has created a unique system which can be used as a multimedia natural health tool.

Inneractive aura-imaging systems use a proprietary hand biosensor to measure the individual’s internal temperature and electro-dermal activity. This biofeedback data is then processed and presented on screen. Patented software creates aura-chakra images as a personal representation of the individual’s overall health and well-being. The images and graphs portray several characteristics of the person’s physical, emotional and mental health. This provides the information needed to find the best solutions for natural holistic healing and client progress.

What does the AURA CAMERA reveal?
Your base glows a vibrant orange, reflecting your foundation of confidence and courage. Yet the core of your aura radiates green – you are a natural healer and very sociable! Others seem to sense your optimism and intellect, judging by the warm yello in the right field of your aura.

Innovative aura imaging technology visualises and validates the essence of human energy. We integrate scientific data with the latest technology to provide illustrated insight beyond the basic understanding of the physical body.

Holistic Health Benefits

Bringing together scientific data and extensive human-energy information, biofeedback machines are a truly innovative solution for holistic health. Inneractive’s aura imaging systems work with wellness centers to promote and distinguish alternative healing methods.

Some of the many positive health benefits of biofeedback devices

  • Provide instant easy to understand information on human-energy levels.
  • Biofeedback sensors are extremely sensitive to the slightest changes in bodily calmness.
  • Create personalised treatments and therapy regiments based on detailed energy readings.
  • Monitor internal or externally stressed energy channels.
  • Compare aura and chakra readings side-by-side. Inneractive software allows you to store client energy profiles for later reference.
  • Sessions allow clients to learn to register and regulate bodily functions, such as breathing rate and muscle contractions.

Common Biofeedback Uses for Wellness Practitioners

By training people to become aware of, and then control certain involuntarily bodily processes, biofeedback treatments can bring great relief and self-empowerment! This technology is frequently used in alternative healing:

  • Massage Therapy
  • Reiki
  • Acupuncture
  • Energy Healing