Download Issues with iOS (iPad, iPod, iPhone)

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Download Issues with iOS (iPad, iPod, iPhone)

iOS devices like the iPad, iPhone, and iPod are fundamentally unable to download and store files from the web. They will try very hard to display them however. As an example PDFs will display in Safari just fine, but you can't save them from there, only view them.

For other types of files it will try to open the proper application to view those files. If it can't find one it will ask what application should be use. See screenshot below.

Screenshot iOS

Due to these limitation in iOS we recommend that you download your files on your computer and use iTunes to save them to your iOS device.

If you choose to buy your downloads on your iOS device, you need to use the download links provided in the confirmation email once you have access to your computer.

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Possible Solutions


You can sign up for a free Dropbox account here if you don't already have one.
For users who have, for example, the Dropbox app installed on their devices can use the 'Forward' option in Safari if MP3's are opened in Safari.
To allow this, you need to have Dropbox installed on your device. When the MP3 file is opened in Safari, click on the 'Forward/Share' (pictured).

Click on the Forward button you will see a number of icons in grey, scroll to the right until you see 'Save to Dropbox'. If it's not visible locate 'More' and tap it, you will now see the menu for 'Activities' and if you have Dropbox installed on your device you will find 'Save to Dropbox', switch on the selection to allow you to save to Dropbox. Close the 'Activities' view by tapping 'Done'. You will now be able to see and use the icon for 'Save to Dropbox' (see images below).

Safari on iPhone
Safari's Save Options
Save Options

Activities Window in Safari
Activities Window in Safari
Save to Dropbox
Save to Dropbox

Downloader - free app on iTunes Store

Another alternative is to use apps from iTunes Store that allows the user to save documents directly on their device.
Once such app is Downloader, available on iTunes Store.

Need further assistance?

If you require further assistance submit a request through our Help Desk*.
*) Help Desk assistance is provided on our behalf by DO Solutions and your request will be lodged through their portal to assist you further.