6 Week Online Mentoring Program

6 Week Online Mentoring Program

Transform Your Life - from inside out!
Internal and External Transformation – Full Potential Alignment

Access two expert transformational specialists to create change both on the inside and outside.

Online Mentoring & Transformational Healing Sessions for those that want to level up on the inside and out. This is for clients wanting rapid change and growth in all areas and levels of their life from the comfort of their home.

Ideally this program is for clients that are looking for:

  • Corporate career success
  • Work level confidence/Public speaking
  • Business & financial abundance
  • Success with starting a new business/manifestation
  • Help with evolving through a major transition in life
  • Relationship issues, divorce, separation – Emotional Healing
  • Recalibration for health & wellbeing
  • Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Healing
  • Guidance and alignment for life direction/life path
  • Attract your Soul Mate – clear blockages in the way of this connection
  • Personal Development: For anyone wanting to be the best version of themselves
  • Weight Loss Success
  • Reduce Anxiety and Stress
  • Brain Integration; memory, concentration, recall, studies, Exams

Your Expert Rapid Transformational Specialists

Meet your two Expert Rapid Transformational Specialists for your incredible journey of Major Transformation & Self Discovery.

Be The Change You Want to See in Your Life!

JACQUI PRYDIE (Emotional Intuitive and Spiritual Channel) – Sydney, Australia
Founder and Creator of "The Prydie Rapid Transformation Method"

Jacqui Prydie

Jacqui created The Prydie Rapid Transformation Method - an interactive process of empowerment and self- healing. Working within 12 levels (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, Relationship, Work, Career, Finance, Business, Abundance, Past, Present, Future Clearing and Alignments) using a combination of Kinesiology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Psychotherapy, Spiritual Healing, Age Regression, Reiki, Vibrational Healing plus Emotional intuitive/ Channelling work – she is able to bring about major transformational deep shifts for her clients.

This is accomplished by clearing emotional & mental blockages/self-sabotaging/negative programming – negative Belief Systems (identifying and releasing old outdated belief systems) that no longer serve you. Jacqui is able to profile your current life and identify key blockages using her gifts and talents as a Channel. Blockages can be accessed on many levels of your being and cleared to create positive change by releasing blockages at the various levels and ages they are locked into.

Jacqui works internationally with Corporate, Business, Media. Celebrity clients. Her accurate, laser approach to clearing major blockages and creating rapid successful Transformations has created a Major Following. Jacqui is able to tap in and access your key blockages based on your first name and age and your deep desire for personal growth and transformation for your Highest Good.

Thereby, Reawakening & Re-aligning you into your Full Potential in a caring, efficient, safe and successful manner.

LAURA BLOOMER (Personal Image & Business/Career) – London, UK
Managing Director of LA Dorset Agency, Founder of LB Image

Laura BloomerLaura is the MD of LA Dorset Agency, a consultancy business providing strategy, marketing and branding services for start-ups and other innovative enterprises based out of London UK. Through her time working globally and specifically in the UK in the tech innovation space, including at one of the UK’s leading early-stage venture firms DN Capital, has developed a multi-disciplinary skill-set across Operations, Human Resources, PR and Social Media, Life Coaching and Intuitive guidance to provide businesses with clear, workable strategic direction from concept, roll out and expansion.

As a side business, she worked as a successful freelance makeup artist and photographer in Sydney, working in Fashion, Events, Celebrity and TV. Equipped with NLP and a wide skill-set, she works with you intuitively towards the result best for you.

The Course

6 week Mentoring and Transformational work: Full Transformation - Full Potential Alignment

Skype sessions once a week - 60 mins over 6 weeks – for Rapid Transformation
PART 1 - On the Inside: Mindset Shift and Blockages Release with Jacqui Prydie

For the first six weeks you will work intensively with Jacqui Prydie to peel back the layers of your being, shed beliefs that no longer serve you and return to your authentic self. From here, you will be able to live in alignment, on purpose and step forward into your future. Techniques include;

  • Profiling your current reality detailing your Patterns, Programs, Belief Systems, Archetypes holding you back. These patterns/programmes/belief systems are inherited/constructed through your family generations
  • Identifying key ages that hold trauma, blockages that stop you evolving, transforming
  • Chakras and Aura balancing clearing blockages
  • Inner child work, clearing blockages from childhood
  • NLP techniques for clearing blockages, negative patterns, programs, self- beliefs, self-sabotaging, self -esteem, self- worth, self- belief, confidence
  • Forensic Healing, Identifying key patterns/self-sabotaging, Spiritual Guidance.
PART 2 - On the Outside: Build up and Level up with Laura Bloomer

You’ll most likely be brimming with new ideas. Whether your new confidence inspires you career development, personal development or business aspirations – Laura will use her HR & business expertise to help you get there. These months will focus particularly on your personal image and style, your personal brand and what you want to create for yourself in a work capacity, whether it is a promotion or a new business, career guidance or assistance.

The Course Structure

Throughout the Course you will be given assignments & tasks to complete, as well as kept on track with monthly reporting and tracking to measure your progress. The Mentoring Programme you chose will also incorporate Mental & Emotional wellbeing MP3 affirmation recordings.

Start by Choosing your area(s) of focus - you can include a selection or all of the below:

  • Emotional, Mental Wellbeing
  • Physical Health
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Emotional Healing
  • Weight Loss Success
  • Financial Abundance
  • Career Success
  • Relationship Success
  • Reduce Anxiety and Stress
  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Harmonious Relationships in all areas of your life
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Attract your soul Mate
  • Lifepath Direction
  • Living your best Life
  • Spiritual Awakening / Intuition
  • Academic Excellence, Exams, Studies
  • Life Guidance
  • Clear Negative Energy, attachments, ties to people, situations, past events
  • Spiritual Awakening/Enlightenment/opening up your intuition


  • Life Design Questionnaire & Goal tracking booklet
  • Vision Statement
  • Personalised Profile identifying your deep subconscious blockages on all levels
  • Welcome pack of spiritual goodies
  • Affirmation MP3’s relevant to your focus areas
  • Congratulation Gift on completion of your “New Exciting You” Well Done!


Please enquire for cost of this Unique Mentoring Program which is Claimable as a tax deduction for corporate / businesses.
This Mentoring Course can commence at any time based on availability.
Pre-book to avoid disappointment.

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