COVID-19 update

In light of developments with COVID-19, and in particular the need to eliminate all non-essential personal contact, Jacqui has suspended her in-office sessions (until further notice) and replaced these with Skype/FaceTime/WhatsApp sessions. Jacqui has been successfully conducting remote sessions using these methods for many years. Initially this was to accommodate clients who live overseas or a long way from her office, although over time, other clients have also come to appreciate the convenience of being able to conduct their session from home or work without the need for additional travel time. In this difficult COVID-19 period, please contact Jacqui to try this experience using Skype/FaceTime/WhatsApp.

The Jacqui Prydie Accelerated Transformational Method

No matter what the challenges you may face in life, innovative answers lie in the ability to release and rid old ways of thinking, limited belief systems, negative thought patterns and negative states. In releasing and surrendering to past suppressions, blockages - You allow and embrace unseen possibilities once these core foundational obstacles are lifted and released. Transform your life into what you’ve always known is possible for YOU… Be the positive change that you want in your life Now. As an experienced Transformational Specialist, Jacqui Prydie will help guide you there.

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What can the Accelerated Transformational Method include?

The Jacqui Prydie Accelerated Transformational Method can include a combination of any of these healing modalities:
  • Vibrational/Frequency Healing
  • Reiki
  • Kinesiology
  • Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy
  • Chakra balancing
  • Age regression for clearing blockages
  • Self sabotaging/blockages around relationships, career, success, life path, business
  • Emotional blockages.
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Who can benefit?


The Jacqui Prydie Accelerated Transformational Method is an extremely holistic in nature and can benefit everyone. The focus is on finding what the triggers are in our lives that cause stress, on a physical, emotional, biochemical and spiritual level, hence giving greater insight into the core issue of the health related problem.

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148 New South Head Rd (Ground Floor)
(Opposite Edgecliff shopping centre - pink building)

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About Jacqui

Jacqui Prydie has been working in the field of Nursing and Natural therapies since 1996. She has a background in Nursing with many years spent in the Hospital, Clinic system within Australia and overseas. She was drawn to Kinesiology because it combines western techniques and eastern wisdom to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

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Mobile 0439 341 133
Postal address
Jacqui Prydie
PO Box 422

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